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About Us

Who We Are

We are a small group of mothers on the Big Island of Hawaii who deeply care about the nurturing and raising of babies and children into solid, healthy, loving human beings. We have seen our baby hammocks soothe and promote good rest for babies that we know and we feel good about creating and selling these hammocks to other mothers. ...plus we love to sew and be creative!


In early 2010 Patricia (our founder) saw a baby in a hammock and realized the value of creating a handcrafted, colorful and fully functional baby hammock. She jumped right in and began making her first baby hammocks for her daughters’ babies. Throughout the development of the first few hammocks Patricia created the design was refined and after several iterations the Special Delivery Baby Hammock was born. This hammock birth was followed by a website and a growing business of fun and creativity.


Provide a high-quality baby hammock at an affordable price while creating employment opportunities for seamstress mothers who can sew hammocks at home and still care for their little ones ...and have fun!

Helps your baby get the rest they need
while transitioning...  from Womb to World