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Baby Hammocks Made by Mothers

Special Delivery Baby Hammocks are made by mothers for mothers. Pictured at right is mother and grandmother Patricia, our “CES” (Chief Executive Seamstress) sewing away on a new hammock.

We have a very personal investment in our baby hammocks: our babies sleep in them! The mothers in our sewing circle get a great deal of satisfaction out of making these hammocks; they feel they are making a difference in the world by contributing a quality product toward something they really believe in: "helping to nuture babies." Each hammock is an individual creation, created from start to finish by one seamstress thereby giving her the satisfaction of creation and completion. Just take a look at our shopping pages and you'll see the wide variety of material patterns and colors which our mothers have chosen for hammock creation.

Meet Some of Our Mothers:

Mariya Sonora Melanaea
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Baby Blogging

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