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Using Your


After you hang your hammock, following the installation instructions, using the hammock is easy. You will notice that when the hammock hangs, that the "Head" or "Tied" side is slightly higher than the "Bottom" or "Untied" side. It is at a slight incline to provide the elevation necessary to prevent reflux and give baby an elevated resting place with out need for blankets or other props. This is the “head” end of the hammock where you will place your baby’s head. The tie for this end will remain closed always when baby is in the hammock. You may choose to untie either end, while placing the baby in the hammock, however once baby is in the hammock be sure to re-tie both ends.

The other end of the hammock is “Untied”. It is from this end that you place the baby into the hammock. Hold baby safely with one arm, either close to your side or on your hip. With your other arm open the Hammock, keeping it steady. Slip baby into the Hammock facing up and laying straight. Tie the "Bottom" of your Hammock and keep tied while baby is in the Hammock.

Of course you may develop your own style of placing your baby in the hammock and can do so from either end. Simply untie, open the hammock, slide baby in and then re-tie the ends. Remember, like all things, practice makes perfect. Just breathe and enjoy the process of acquainting yourself and your baby with the Hammock.

Remember, always keep both ends of the hammock tied when baby is in the hammock.


Helps your baby get the rest they need
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