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Transitioning From Womb to World

When your baby is born they leave behind their soft, curved, subdued aquatic environment and emerge into our expansive world of air, variation and stimulus. This is quite a transition! One useful tool in helping to ease this transition is a smoothly moving, curved, cozy, soft baby hammock to provide your newborn with a snuggly little rest nest for sleeping—which accounts for about one-half to two-thirds of their day!

Most babies readily take to sleeping in one of our hammocks; the oscillating motion, the curved, whole body support and the partial wrap-around caressing action of the fabric all add up to a comforting, snuggly, soothing experience for baby.

Is there anything Special about the Special Delivery Baby Hammock?

We think so!

Designed by practicing Physician and Midwife, Patricia Mather, the Special Delivery Baby Hammock provides a relaxed and soothing environment for newborns in their first few months of life. Combining her experience as a physician, mother and seamstress, Patricia set out to design the most economical, functional, simple yet elegant baby hammock on the market. And by all counts, she feels she has succeeded.

Cradled in the soft contours of the Special Delivery Baby Hammock, babies naturally relax and experience calm, restful sleep. When they stir, their own movements set the spring recoil, swaying motion into action, allowing babies to self-soothe and put themselves back to sleep. Rather than laying against the flat, stationary surface of a typical crib or bassinet, they experience the nurturing motion and curvature so familiar from their recent nine months in the womb.

As they grow, the Special Delivery Baby Hammock continues to provide peaceful rest and soothing comfort for baby, easing colic and acid reflux. While pediatricians agree that sleeping on the back is the safest position for babies, reducing the incidence of SIDS, it may also result in acid reflux unless the head is slightly elevated. The Special Delivery Baby Hammock was designed to prevent acid reflux in infants by keeping baby's head slightly elevated naturally, without the use of pillows or other props, which could be potentially hazardous.

The Special Delivery Baby Hammock allows the baby to sleep comfortably on their back, preventing them from turning onto their tummies. Back sleeping has been shown to reduce the incidence of SIDS. However, when placed on flat surfaces, as with a crib or bassinet, for prolonged periods of time, baby’s soft skull is prone to developing what is known as “flat head syndrome” or positional plagiocephaly. The curved, distributed support mechanism of the Special Delivery Baby Hammock maintains more even pressure around the skull, preventing the development of flat spots.

Babies, naturally induced to sleep by motion, require 12 to 16 hours of sleep daily. The more restful that sleep, the greater their well being. In their book, “The Baby Sleep Book: The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Rest for the Whole Family” William Sears (M.D.), Robert Sears (M.D.), James Sears (M.D.) and Martha Sears (R.N.) recommend the natural swinging, rocking and bouncing motion of a baby hammock to induce sleep. The Special Delivery Baby Hammock is designed to provide ease in maintaining gentle motion that lulls babies into restful sleep. A simple touch to the hammock from above or below, as well as baby’s own stirring & movement, sets the hammock into motion.

The Special Delivery Baby Hammock is highly portable. It can go from room to room, or even out of doors with you. With the easy clip and chain extension, your hammock will move with you, allowing baby to always have the same, safe, nurturing bed.

Each Special Delivery Baby Hammock is handcrafted by one of our seamstress mothers—a work of love and creative attention. From the fabric selection through the sewing and hanging, to our seamstress mothers each hammock is an individual creation that will one day be cradling a very special baby!

Helps your baby get the rest they need
while transitioning...  from Womb to World