La Mision- Infant Hammock-Hummingbird Takes Flight-100% cotton


A reflection of pure Creativity using fabrics donated to our Team in La Mision, Mexico.

These are One of a Kind hammocks! While this particular hammock has sold and is now cradling a beloved baby…please contact us to discuss the Infinite possibilties for the creation of YOUR One-of-a-Kind Perfect Rest Nest!

Your purchase supports these women in their desire to learn a meaningful skill and blossom into there highest and best! With your purchase, they will receive a wage equal to what mothers in the Hawai’i receive, as well as a donation from Special Delivery Baby Hammock from our modest profit margin.  This project means everything to us, as we touch the lives of these women, and swing wide the door of opportunity and success.

The Womb to World transition that nurtures!

We are more inspired than ever to provide the Perfect Rest Nest for your growing child.  FEEL the LOVE!!

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