Physician’s Choice-Ache-Ease


Physician’s Choice Ache-Ease, with Arnica, is your answer to promoting optimal health in your muscles and joints.

This non-greasy, fast-absorbing muscle gel delivers healing botanicals into your muscles and joints.

Clinically shown to shorten the duration and severity of Musculoskeletal injuries, whether from sports or accidents, as well as the affects of Arthritic wear and tear

Excellent for use in gyms, yoga studios, sports fields and home.

For Strains, Bruises, Athletic Injuries, Sprains, Sore muscles & joints and Arthritic pain.



Physician’s Choice Ache-Ease, with Arnica, is your answer for body aches and pains!

Naturopathic Physicians created Physician’s Choice Ache-Ease. Why?  Because they understand Health.

Secondly, they know the power of well-chosen Botanicals.

And third, they understand the body and how wear and tear  can interfere with your life.

Finally, they have watched it work in their clinics for over 20 years.

Therefore, you want a Safe, Natural and Effective Solution for Health. Choose Ache-Ease. Promote health in our muscles and joints while you heal temporary injuries and over-use.

Perfect for sports, sprains, strains, and arthritic pain.


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