Womb to World Transition

Transitioning from a soft, curved, and aquatic environment to an expansive world of air, variation, and stimulus is a delicate time in the life of a baby. It is important to help your little one to become acclimated to this new environment while providing soothing, comfort. Our Special Delivery Baby Hammocks are a useful tool in helping to ease this transition from Womb to World. Our curved, cozy, soft baby hammock is the Perfect Rest Nest to provide your newborn with an ideal environment for sleeping.

Why Hammocks

Babies are naturally induced to sleep by motion and require between twelve to sixteen hours of sleep a day. The more restful the sleep, the greater their well-being. The Special Delivery Baby Hammock is designed to provide a gentle motion that lulls babies into restful sleep. A simple touch to the hammock from above or below, as well as baby’s own stirring & movement, sets the hammock into motion.

In their book, “The Baby Sleep Book: The Complete Guide to a Good Night’s Rest for the Whole Family” William Sears (M.D.), Robert Sears (M.D.), James Sears (M.D.) and Martha Sears (R.N.) recommend the natural swinging, rocking and bouncing motion of a baby hammock to induce sleep.


When should babies start using the Special Delivery Baby Hammock and how long should they sleep in it?

The Special Delivery Baby Hammock is designed specifically for newborns and babies up to 12 to 18 months of age, or when you realize that your little one would appreciate more spaciousness. (Then it is time to move up to the Toddler Hammock which will serve them until they are 4 to 5 years of age.) This is simply the very best bed for your new baby, as they transition into the world. The Special Delivery Baby Hammock maintains the primary curve of the spine supporting your baby with the gentle contours of the hammock, rather than the more rigid, flat surfaces of the typical crib or bassinet. After 4–6 months, if they are able to turn over and are beginning to crawl, you may still use the hammock under direct supervision. Your baby will love the hammock and the gentle motion it offers. Once your baby is able to roll over and crawl, of course it is imperative that you are present when he or she stirs and awakens, to prevent your baby from attempting to get out of the hammock alone. A baby or small child may continue to sleep in the hammock until they grow to be too big for it, which will come long before their weight surpasses the working load of the spring (85 pounds).

How old can a baby be to use the Special Delivery Baby Hammock?

In general, we recommend the Special Delivery Baby Hammock for newborns and children up to 2 years of age. This will of course depend on the weight of the child.

How much weight can the Special Delivery Baby Hammock support?

The spring is most responsive for children weighing between 8 and 45 pounds, and the maximum working load for the spring is 85 pounds.

Can my baby sleep in the Special Delivery Baby Hammock?

Absolutely, in fact this is our recommendation. Babies tend to fall asleep in the hammock quickly as if they were being rocked in your arms. Children who have a difficult time falling asleep are often quickly calmed and soothed by the gentle motion of the Special Delivery Baby Hammock. The slight incline of the hammock helps comfort colicky babies. Close attention must be paid to children who are strong enough to climb out of the Special Delivery Baby Hammock by themselves; it is important to lower the Hammock to within a few inches of the ground or place similarly over a bed. Take them out of the hammock when they wake up, before they decide to try to get out on their own.

Can my baby move in the hammock?

The Special Delivery Baby Hammock was designed to allow your baby to experience gentle, cradled motion and movement, similar to what they experience when being held and cradled in your arms. We do not recommend using any pillows in the hammock as these may pose a suffocation risk to baby.

For the most peaceful rest, we recommend that your baby is swaddled to minimize startling arm movements. The Special Delivery Baby Hammock is designed with a slightly upright, angled position to assist babies with natural sleep, colic, and reflux. Always position your baby in the middle of the hammock, with the head on the slightly elevated end of the hammock. You can locate that side by noticing the folded dart that runs along the flannel liner edge.

How safe is the Special Delivery Baby Hammock?

Our hammocks are based on the traditional sling design used by mothers to carry and bed babies around the world for centuries.

The baby’s weight causes the fabric to wrap around and hold the downward facing portion of the baby’s body, comfortably supporting the baby while making it virtually impossible for a few month old baby to roll over. (It’s fairly hard for an adult to roll over in a sling based, conforming hammock and much harder for a several month old baby to do so). Even if your “Super Baby” were somehow able to roll over there is no side area to get wedged into (as in the hammock designs that some people have expressed safety concerns about). And, finally the fabric is breathable, meaning you can breathe right through it.

Can the Special Delivery Baby Hammock be used in the day and night?

Yes, it can be used as a full time bed for both day and night sleeping. The more a baby uses the hammock, the more they learn to self-soothe and go to sleep unaided.

Does Special Delivery Baby Hammock Help Prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly)?

Yes! The baby’s head weight is more evenly distributed to the rest of the body, reducing the problems of Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly).

Can I wash the Special Delivery Baby Hammock?

Yes, simply remove the separator wood, unhook from the spring and wash the entire hammock with the hanging ring folded into the fabric and tied off with its ribbon to avoid metal to metal contact in your washer. Then line dry. If you wish to tumble dry, be certain that the metal ring is adequately secured within the fabric to prevent metal to metal contact in the dryer. Dry on low heat.

How large is the Special Delivery Baby Hammock?

The Special Delivery Baby Hammock measures 36 inches from its hanging ring to the bottom of the hammock. It is 22 inches wide at the Spreader bar, with a 38 inch dimension for baby to lie in, when the end ties are secured.

How much space is needed to hang the Special Delivery Baby Hammock?

For freedom of movement it is ideal to be positioned at least 14 inches from any nearby wall or object. However, if you are unable to secure your eye screw into a ceiling joist the Special Delivery Baby Hammock may be hung in a door jam, centering the eye screw or clamp hanger in the center of the door jam. Complete vertical movement can be enjoyed, however horizontal movement will be limited due to the door frame and appropriate caution will need to be exercised.

How much does the Special Delivery Baby Hammock weigh?

Our hammock weighs about 3 pounds, including the hardware. It is shipped in Large Flat Rate Priority box within the US and a 6″ x 6″ x 6″ x 24″ triangular Priority box, Internationally.

How is the Special Delivery Baby Hammock installed?

The setup of the Special Delivery Baby Hammock is designed to be quick, easy, and allow for maximum flexibility. Eye screws can be placed in several locations around the house or outdoors allowing baby to always be close by. The Special Delivery Baby Hammock is light and easy to unclip using the spring clip to move form room to room or outdoors. Proper installation of the eye screw is essential for the safe use of the Special Delivery Baby Hammock. Complete installation instructions and an eye screw are included with the hammock. Additional eye screws may be ordered or can be purchased at a hardware store. Please purchase eye screws of the same specifications as those listed in the parts list.

Is there a stand for the Special Delivery baby Hammock?

At this time we do not offer a stand for our Special Delivery Baby Hammock.