Our Why

Aloha! In our recent history there has been a way that babies have been put to bed. The shape, size and colors may change, but the basic concept remains the same; hard, flat, isolated.

Is it possible that there is a better way?

Is it possible that this better way may even nurture & soothe babies?

Is it possible that this nurturing & soothing could result in babies that feel safer, & more secure?

Is it possible that a safe, secure baby would become more self-confident & self empowered?

Is it possible that a self confident & self-empowered baby would become a more peaceful & creative being on our planet?

Yes it is!
SO: What if hard becomes soft? What if flat becomes gently curved? What if isolated becomes lovingly cradled? What if bed becomes baby hammock?

For this and many more reasons we create baby hammocks. Baby hammocks made by Mothers for Mothers with one vision, one purpose: To create Peace on Earth one baby at a time!

Special Delivery Baby Hammocks: The Womb to World transition that nurtures.