“Love our Hammock. We use it every day!!”

Rayna W.- Honoka’a, HI

“Hello!! Our baby has finally arrived!! We are home now & we absolutely LOVE our baby hammock. It looks beautiful & it works wonders. When we were at the hospital she refused to sleep at all between 11pm-5 am each night but last night at home she slept for good 3 hour stretches. Thank you again. We love it!!”

Crystal & Bryan L. – Calgary, Alberta Canada

“Hello from Michigan! I wanted to let you know that I received my beautiful hammock today and I love it!! Thank you so much!”

Bekah G. – Lansing, MI

“We received the hammock today it is perfect! We love it so much. Thank you so very much. We will send pictures soon. Love and light.”

Heather C. – Malvern, AK

“Hello! Baby Micah arrived Feb 25th and after a rough start involving NICU care, he is now home and enjoying his baby hammock immensely. And so are Mommy & Daddy! He actually sleeps like a baby in it!”

Sarah L. – Turner, ME

Aloha! This is completely beautiful! It is more feminine then I was imagining, as we don’t know if we are having a girl or a boy. I have chose peach as it is the closest color to what the baby sees inside the womb for another easy transition. All this said the fabric is beautiful and I don’t think my baby will mind more feminine energy. The flowers are beautiful and match the peach perfectly! You are the experts, I shall leave it with you to make it beautiful! Mahalo beautiful Mummas!

Brandy M. – Picton,Ontario Canada

“First I would like to thank you. We received our hammock here in France and it works very well. Our son enjoys laying in it, especially the rocking and bouncing motion of the spring.”

Michael E. – Bordeaux, France

“Here’s a photo of our daughter sleeping in our hammock at one month old. It’s a great place for her to rest, she loves to bounce and if she wakes up she can easily be bounced back to sleep. Thanks again.”

Martha M. – Freedom, ME

“Hi! I wanted to let you know we love the hammock! My son actually smiles when I put him in it for his nap 🙂 Thank you so much!”

Louise Z.- Savannah, GA

“My baby, Hope, loves her hammock! and as a busy mom of 6, I am thrilled to have a safe place to put her where she will fall asleep. Thank you again!”

Stacy W. – Hillsboro, OR