One Mother to Another

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We have a very personal investment in our baby hammocks, for our babies sleep in them! The mothers in our sewing circle get a great deal of satisfaction out of making these hammocks. They feel they are making a difference in the world by contributing a quality product toward something they really believe in: helping to nurture babies. Each hammock is an individual creation, created from start to finish by one seamstress thereby giving her the satisfaction of creation and completion. Just take a look at our shopping pages and you’ll see the wide variety of material patterns and colors which our mothers have chosen for hammock creation.

Designed by practicing Physician and Midwife, Patricia Mather, the Special Delivery Baby Hammock provides a relaxed and soothing environment for newborns in their first few months of life. Combining her experience as a physician, mother and seamstress, Patricia set out to design the most economical and functional, simple yet elegant baby hammock on the market.

Cradled in the soft contours of the Special Delivery Baby Hammock, babies naturally relax and experience calm, restful sleep. When they stir, their own movements set the spring recoil, swaying motion into action, allowing babies to self-soothe and put themselves back to sleep. Rather than laying against the flat, stationary surface of a typical crib or bassinet,they experience the nurturing motion and curvature so familiar from their recent nine months in the womb.

As they grow, the Special Delivery Baby Hammock continues to provide peaceful rest and soothing comfort for your baby, easing colic and acid reflux. While pediatricians agree that sleeping on the back is the safest position for babies, reducing the incidence of SIDS, it may also result in acid reflux unless the head is slightly elevated. The Special Delivery Baby Hammock fixes this problem was by keeping baby’s head slightly elevated naturally, without the use of pillows or other props.

The Special Delivery Baby Hammock is highly portable. It can go from room to room, or even out of the house with you. With the easy clip and chain extension, your hammock will move with you, allowing your baby to always have the same safe and nurturing bed.

Each Special Delivery Baby Hammock is handcrafted by one of our seamstress mothers—a work of love and creative attention. From the fabric selection through the sewing and hanging, each hammock is an individual creation from our seamstress mothers that will one day be cradling a very special baby!