“It’s so nice to have that personal touch of knowing another mom is making your baby’s hammock, and my husband is happy about because being from Mexico, many of the mothers there make their babies’ hammocks.”

Meghan S. – Grand Rapids, MI

“I am writing to thank you for this beautiful hammock.

Our beautiful baby was born at home on November 27th and from the minute my milk came in she did nothing but scream and puke. We eliminated all dairy, caffeine, chocolate and eggs and she still seems to have some serious reflux issues. She is gaining well so it’s more of an inconvenience with all the spit up. The lack of sleep took a toll on me. The only way our baby girl would sleep was on my chest or in her car seat which had to be moving all the time.

I have now been using our hammock for two, maybe three weeks and my daughter is sleeping all night…. It’s the perfect incline, it bounces just right to help sooth her. My baby is worn most of the day, everyday but the times I really need to put her down to cook and tend to her older brother and two sisters she is so happy in her hammock. It’s absolutely beautiful!! I…will be recommending this for every mom I know. I now see that you are making hammocks for older children and will be ordering for our old babies soon.

I don’t believe we need all the baby items that society makes us feel we should have. I don’t even really believe cribs are a true need. However I do believe babies with severe reflux need a place to sleep that has a slight incline and the motion of these hammocks are just perfect. Even if she did not have reflux it’s a perfect place to set her when I need to put her down. It keeps her safe from her brother and sisters 5, 4 and 18 months whom all think she is a doll.”

Tricia C. – Winthrop, NY

“The hammock is the one place I know we can put our daughter that she will be comfortable for long stretches of time! No matter how fussy she may be, when she gets in the hammock she is peaceful and happy.”

Amanda D. – Black Sands, HI

“I just wanted to say thank you again for making this wonderful hammock. We got it home and Alex is now sound asleep in it and usually we would be trying to calm him down and get him to sleep right now. That was taking us about two hours every night. You saved us!! Thank you again. I’m passing on the word and your number to anyone I know who could use this too!

Then: I want everyone to know about this hammock. Alex spent his second peaceful night in it last night after he was fed and changed and held. We said good night to each other and I put him in there and we both went to sleep. It’s a miracle!!!”

Cortney S. – Mountain View, HI

“Love this hammock! My 10 week old was asleep in less than 1 minute the first time I used it. I would recommend this. Great product- great price.”

Heidi O. – Newport Beach, CA