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Sarah L. – Turner, ME

“Hello! Baby Micah arrived Feb 25th and after a rough start involving NICU care, he is now home and enjoying his baby hammock immensely. And so are Mommy & Daddy! He actually sleeps like a baby in it!”

Martha M. – Freedom, ME

“Here’s a photo of our daughter sleeping in our hammock at one month old. It’s a great place for her to rest, she loves to bounce and if she wakes up she can easily be bounced back to sleep. Thanks again.”

Meghan S. – Grand Rapids, MI

“It’s so nice to have that personal touch of knowing another mom is making your baby’s hammock, and my husband is happy about because being from Mexico, many of the mothers there make their babies’ hammocks.”

Tricia C. – Winthrop, NY

“I am writing to thank you for this beautiful hammock. Our beautiful baby was born at home on November 27th and from the minute my milk came in she did nothing but scream and puke. We eliminated all dairy, caffeine, chocolate and eggs and she still seems to have some serious reflux issues. She is… Continue Reading →

Amanda D. – Black Sands, HI

“The hammock is the one place I know we can put our daughter that she will be comfortable for long stretches of time! No matter how fussy she may be, when she gets in the hammock she is peaceful and happy.”