Everything is Energy…Use it!

Everything is Energy! And Spirit, as Breath, is entering into the Earth experience, energized and ready for the human experience.  In our humanness,  we sometimes get stopped in our tracks, as we feel energy shifts and changes, allowing our mind to then define our experiences.  

However, we are learning that whatever awakens us to embody any, and all energy, and bring it fully into the body, is always serving our greatest good. So we stop naming things, “good” or “bad” and rather we ask where in the body we are Sensing or Feeling this energy, that any number of circumstances may elicit. 

And we Breathe it into that very area…that where that you identified!! Welcoming it’s Presence!  

So do not tarry… focus your attention and take a deep breath, all the way into your Belly. The kind of breath that lifts you up and sits you back down right in your Root, the first Energy center in your body. Allow that root to travel down and ground you, as you focus on the feeling of Integration & Unity, with the gift of Divine Wisdom & Purpose that is landing for you now!

“March on. Do not tarry.

To go forward is to move toward perfection.

March on, and fear not the thorns,

or the sharp stones on life’s path.”

Khalil Gibran

Peace & Blessings, Dr. Patricia

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