I Know this much…for sure!!

Why we make Special Delivery Baby Hammocks…

As a Mother and Midwife, my years of experience have shown me beyond any doubt, that babies that are held and cradled, especially in their first months after birth, develop a strong sense of security and trust. 

Special Delivery Baby Hammocks provide that Womb to World solution, that gateway for entry into this world.  

The cradling and gentle movements of our hammocks are second only to being cradled by the mother, father and loving members of this baby’s new family and community. 

Our vision has reached beyond the ease of installation at multiple locations, the affordability and the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the hammock; to include something that could provide financial flow for Mothers. Our hammocks will never be made in a factory.  They will always be made by Mothers!

Special Delivery Baby Hammock….designed by a Mother, made by Mothers, and infused with the Frequency of Heart-felt, Motherly Love!  

I Know this much…for sure:

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts. 

Paramahansa Yogananda

The heart emits more electrical activity than the brain

The heart emits an electrical field 60 times greater in amplitude than the activity in the brain.

The heart has an electromagnetic field 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain.

The electromagnetic field of the heart can be measured 

anywhere on the body by placing EKG electrodes on the ankles and wrists 

and  can be measured several feet outside the body as well.

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And I Know this much…for sure!!

Peace & Blessings,

Dr. Patricia

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