Handcrafted Custom Hammock


We offer Custom Made Hammocks using fabrics that you select and purchase. Simply send your 100% cotton fabric along with a complimentary flannel to our mailing address and we will make your hammock for you. Your custom made hammock will be delivered to you within seven to fourteen days after delivery.

Infant Hammocks Require:
3 yards exterior cotton, 1 yard interior flannel

Toddler Hammocks Require:
5 yards exterior cotton, 2 yards interior flannel

You Must Purchase Your Own Fabric For This Hammock

Purchased fabric can be mailed to:
Special Delivery Baby Hammock
HCR2 Box 6868
Kea’au, HI 96749-9320


Handcrafted Custom infant hammock with Organic flannel.

These Beautiful Custom Infant Hammocks are made by our Mothers on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  Their dedication and creativity will create the Perfect Rest Nest for your little one!

Made by Mothers, for Mothers, creating Peace on Earth, One Baby at a time!

The Womb to World transition that Nurtures!

And remember, with an 85# weight load, infants continue enJOYing their hammock well into early childhood.

The self-soothing solution that grows with them.

Order now!  After ordering, contact us at customerservice@specialdeliverybabyhammock.com and start the conversation!

Peace & Blessings, Dr. Patricia & the team of dedicated mothers and young women!


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