The 3 C’s:  Connection       Clarity         Communication

In my 35 plus years of practice, I have always held a special place in my heart for the care and guidance of children. What I always noticed, was that children arrive with an open enthusiasm for Life and a real “ I get to” attitude. Observing that, I realized that one of our opportunities, as adults, is to potentiate and encourage that attitude to remain intact. And for that I have found The 3 C’s: Connection       Clarity         Communication

Since it is possible that we have lost a little of that attitude along the way; strayed down a path of struggle and apparent roadblocks perhaps, found ourselves being “pushed” by pain and “have to”, rather than being pulled by our innate “get to” Passions; this is an opportunity of rediscovery and expansion.

Rediscovering this simple approach to living Life with a “get to” attitude, and expanding to always reSource our higher Selves along the way. And in our rediscovery, we bring an awareness that will support what our children already have in place…no further “instruction” necessary. Wow, that’s pretty easy!!

And how exactly do we reSource ourselves you ask? In the spirit of simplicity I created the 3 C’s!!


The 3 C’s: Connection       Clarity         Communication

As caretakers and guides for our children, we begin now to model for them, the way of Connection, the way of Clarity, the way of Communication that is born of our own connection and clarity.

Connection:  This begins with connecting daily to your Self. Through these daily practices you are entering what I call the Ever-Expanding Field of Good. Looking out at life absolutely expecting the very best!

So drop the old adage “What is the worst case scenario?” in the nearest dumpster and instead ask this powerful question: “What is the BEST Case Scenario?” And from that simple question, begin looking out into Life for that!! No matter what the situation or circumstance, “What is the BEST”? And what do I “get to” do to allow that to reveal?

Practices that support Connection:

  • Affirmative Prayer:Add at least a 5 minutes affirmative prayer into your daily life before you rise and then continue that energy and feeling tone into the day. If you find yourself knocked off center, pause and reconnect, placing your hand on your Heart and taking a long, slow breath. Smile as you do this and release Oxytocin automatically into your system. Now that feels good!

Now, with an Affirmative attitude in place, anchor Thankfulness.

  • Thankfulness:

Give thanks daily.  Give thanks for having the time to be together. Give thanks for the many gifts in your life.  Focus wholly on all that is perfect in your world.  Nurture this Attitude of Gratitude always!

Fun Prayers include:

Thank you for the food we Eat, Thank you for the friends we meet,

Thank you for the birds that Sing, Thank you God for Everything!


Blessing on the Blossoms, Blessing on the Fruit,

Blessing on the Leaves and Stems and

Blessings on the Root!

Clarity:  This begins with having Clarity about the natural flow of life. Once you are connected and in the feeling place of the Ever-expanding Field of Good, you are clear to make choices and set plans for your unfolding day and life. This clarity will establish a foundation that allows you to let go of controlling your circumstances and situations, and lean into flowing with your day and life with grace and ease. What a powerful teaching this provides our children.

Practices that support Clarity:

  • Affirmative Living: Set the tone that all that you will do this day will flow easily and smoothly.  Speak about any planned activities in a very positive and affirmative way.  Clearly set them out in exactly how you would like them to flow and be. There really is no rush, no “dead”line. Eliminate thoughts that may have previously followed you throughout the day, that do not support this positive perspective.  Banish such thoughts and replace them with a quiet affirmation that will enable you to be the foundation of positive creationand be the example of this for your children. You are their model of what Life looks like. What an opportunity!
  • Affirmations: Creating simple, affirmative messages to continually re-connect to that Field of Ever-expanding Good that is Life!

Today is a wonderful day!             I am Safe and at Peace!                    I am Healthy and Happy!        Joy  fills our day!        Gratitude is bursting from every cell of my body!

Communication:  This begins a direct line from the heart!  Connecting to ourSelves and establishing clarity within allows us now to communicate from our heart. Words that do not support this truth fall away and we become aware of what we are saying and how we are saying it. The power of words is now our greatest ally in navigating through life with ease and grace. We learn to use the Pause button when something pushes us into reaction rather than response. Breath revitalizes and enhances our continued Connection and Clarity.

Practices that support Communication:

  • Rituals & Rhythms: Rituals and rhythms that are affirmative and uplifting, communicating our beautiful connection to the rhythms of nature and our world.

Special music and a calm, gentle Waking Ritual assist children to enter a new day and move into transitions in a relaxed, joyful way; expecting that all of life is here for their enjoyment…and it is!!

A family ritual of appreciation and giving thanks is a beautiful way to start and end each day.  It is lots of fun and effortlessly models these affirmative ways of being for our children. It is an act of “allowing” them to experience life with the expectation of Goodness and Wonder.  To see the many things in life to be thankful for and most importantly, to acknowledging them!!

When we are Connected and speak with Clarity, our Communications carry a power that all can feel and appreciate. This is a power born of balance and righteousness….Right use of ourSelves.

In the Spirit of Health,

Dr. Patricia

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