“I Get To” Speak with Power words that Model Choice!

Power Words that Model Choice!

Motherhood opens doors into a world that we previously only speculated about. It may appear before us as a “Wonder” land really, the great Unknown, the Grand adventure. Oh, we have enjoyed the speculation, especially as we have reflected upon our own Childhood…the other side of Parenthood and Motherhood. Whether we loved the experience, or identified a host of “flaws” and “mistakes”, our personal musings are often rich and vivid, as we contemplate entering Motherhood.

Once upon us, Motherhood presents a host of opportunities for our personal growth and transformation. In fact, at times, these opportunities almost feel like obstacles and stumbling blocks. How can we find the balance points? How can we not just stay afloat, but sail, catching the winds of this change and propelling ourselves onward? Navigating this new course can be daunting and, at times, even discouraging. Where to start? Where to get a footing?


Power Words that Speak Awareness!

Words can be a wonderful starting point. Because with words, comes awareness. And awareness is vital to the cultivation of ourSelves! And beyond that, words reflect and model personal choice.

As Dr. Andrew Newberg, author of Words Can Change Your Brain, states; “Language shapes our behavior and each word we use is imbued with multitudes of personal meaning. The right words spoken in the right way can bring us love, money and respect, while the wrong words—or even the right words spoken in the wrong way—can lead to a country to war. We must carefully orchestrate our speech if we want to achieve our goals and bring our dreams to fruition.”


Power Words, Finding them!

So how rich is our vocabulary? What words do we weave into the language of our day? In the English-speaking world, our language contains about 500,000 words. However, the average person uses just 2,000 or one half of one percent of the entire language. And of those 2000, people habitually use just 200-300 words.

How do we choose? What is our guide? We predominantly select words habitually, words that have been placed into our own subconscious storehouse, from listening to the words of others.


“Now you have to go to bed.”

“Tomorrow you have to go to school”

“Today you have to go to the dentist”

“Hurry up, you have to eat!”


You have to, which quickly becomes “I have to” seems to be a pretty ingrained, repetitive mantra and with it comes something that not one free spirit enjoys….No Choice! If life keeps telling us we have to, then at the same time we have the message that we have no choice. And as aware and conscious Mothers, this is the last message we wish to convey to our blossoming child. Our spoken words create a foundation of thoughts, which soon become beliefs, as our ever-observant “little one” watches and listens.


“I Get To”, Power Words that Model Choice!


“Today I get to get up and breathe!” (Which by the way, means that you are still alive and that your purpose for being here is still burning and ready for your full attention).

“Now I get to eat delicious food that energizes me and propels me into the day!” Ah-h taste it?

I get to drive my car, or ride my bike now and move easily across the land to my next destination of fun!”

“I get to be in an environment with a number of other beings.”

I get to look for the light in their eyes.”

I get to open my door of creativity and explore my opportunities.”


I get to, I get to, I get to….


By choosing our words with care, we can develop a conscious relationship with energy. And since energy is all there is (even matter is nothing but “frozen light”, according to quantum physicist David Bohm) we can transform it into anything our heart desires, whether it be peace of mind, more rewarding relationships or models of Love and choice for our children.


I get to creates enthusiasm for living! Enthusiasm has its root in the Greek word enthousiaimos, which literally means “the God inside”. And this is how we are meant to live, passionately, lit by the fire of God. I get to and so do you! ” And in Motherhood, what more could we wish for?

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