5 Simple Steps to Eliminate Colds


Sometimes colds and flu seem like a never-ending saga as school begins and the weather begins to change. However, following these 5 simple steps to Health, will bring a smile to your face as you eliminate colds and flu quickly and easily…or avoid getting them at all!

With a little extra Nurturing & Love, it’s simple!

Eliminate colds; Get Plenty of Rest: First of all, children need 10-12 hours of sleep on a daily basis.  Therefore, with prevention is your first priority! Nurture your child by creating plenty of time for sleep.  And should a cold or flu appear, allow them to rest fully.  More sleep is necessary for speedy recovery & a powerful Immune System.

 Eliminate colds; Turn up the Heat: Viruses are heat sensitive. Therefore, turning up the heat assists the Immune system to quickly eliminate bacteria & virus. Provide warm showers & baths with added baking soda (1/4 cup). Serve up love in a warm beverage.

And don’t forget; a fever is a sign that the body’s cells are working more than usual. Eliminating unwanted bacteria & viruses require just that. So as much as possible, allow your child’s fever to work to eliminate the “bugs” & power up the body.

Eliminate colds; Drink lots of fluids: Since pure water is the best solution, let’s start there. Of course you can always add herbs & lemon for their anti-viral qualities.

For instance: Herbal teas: Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Licorice, Ginger.

Hot Lemonade: Lemon & raw honey boost the immune system and honey adds anti-viral affects as well.

Eliminate colds; avoid all simple, processed sugar: Nothing stops the Immune System faster than eating processed, simple sugars. The Immune System is inactivated by as much as 50% for 3-5 hours after eating simple sugars. Stick to Real food! Real fruit & Real vegetables & use only raw honey as sweetener for a strong Immune System.

Eliminate colds; Take Vitamin C: Since Vitamin C is vital to proper Immune System function, it follows that  taken in regular doses, it will support a speedy recovery.

So we see that  eliminating colds and flus really is a simple process of Nurture and Love.  Listen to the body, it is speaking to you!

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