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The Doctor is In…Let’s Talk about Plants that support the Immune System

Since ancient times, herbs have been used as natural treatments for various illnesses, including viral infections. Science is just beginning to understand the powerful Phytochemicals which abound in Nature’s Pharmacy. While discoveries of specific compounds meet with our 21st century love of “facts”, rest assured, that each & every plant has many more phytochemicals that support the balance & health of… Continue Reading →

The Doctor is In…Let’s talk about… 5 Easy Pieces for a Strong Immune System

Food is your Medicine: A healthy diet is  number one when it comes to supporting your Immune System. Eating 70-80% vegetables & Fruits maintains the health-promoting alkaline environment that the body thrives on. Limiting acid-producing foods further insures that you are creating the ideal internal health for  your body. Eliminate or reduce all processed foods; &… Continue Reading →

The Doctor is In…Let’s talk about Your Immune System

In all ways…Know that your body’s Immune System is designed to protect and preserve your Health! There are built in systems to Life. With absolutely no external directive, a seed carries a pattern for delivering it’s gift to the world. Whether fruit or flower, animal or vegetable … the pattern has been encoded, waiting for… Continue Reading →

The Doctor’s In…Let’s Talk about Supporting the Body during Fever

Now that we understand that Fever is an indication that the body is doing more than its normal internal work, and that the predominant reason for the normal internal work of the body to increase and accelerate is infection, there is really just one question to ask, “ How can we best support the body during Fever, and therefore… Continue Reading →

5 Simple Steps to Eliminate Colds

  Sometimes colds and flu seem like a never-ending saga as school begins and the weather begins to change. However, following these 5 simple steps to Health, will bring a smile to your face as you eliminate colds and flu quickly and easily…or avoid getting them at all! With a little extra Nurturing & Love, it’s simple!… Continue Reading →