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The Doctor is In…Let’s Talk about Plants that support the Immune System

Since ancient times, herbs have been used as natural treatments for various illnesses, including viral infections. Science is just beginning to understand the powerful Phytochemicals which abound in Nature’s Pharmacy. While discoveries of specific compounds meet with our 21st century love of “facts”, rest assured, that each & every plant has many more phytochemicals that support the balance & health of… Continue Reading →

The Doctor is In…Let’s Talk about Smoothie Bowls

Imagine a slightly thicker fruit/super food smoothie, served in a bowl with some fresh fruits, select veggies, nuts, seeds, & all good things crunchy, sprinkled on. Smoothie bowls bring simplicity & beauty to the healthy breakfast, when you choose your ingredients well.  5 reasons to fold such colorful & tasty bowls into your diet. Smoothie bowls are typically thicker than regular… Continue Reading →

The Doctor is In…Let’s talk about… 5 Easy Pieces for a Strong Immune System

Food is your Medicine: A healthy diet is  number one when it comes to supporting your Immune System. Eating 70-80% vegetables & Fruits maintains the health-promoting alkaline environment that the body thrives on. Limiting acid-producing foods further insures that you are creating the ideal internal health for  your body. Eliminate or reduce all processed foods; &… Continue Reading →

The Doctors is In..Let’s talk about the importance of Protein!

In all foods – find the deliciousness of life itself! When we talk about Eating Real Food, once again we need to override some long-held Mis-information about food. Likely at the top of that list is the story of Protein: How to get it and how much we need.  The story began years ago, when scientists decided to answer… Continue Reading →

The Doctor’s In! Let’s Talk About…Eating Real Food

In all foods – find the deliciousness of life itself! There is likely no topic of more interest to parents with growing children than that of Food.  While the marketplace would have us swirling in confusion, with brightly colored packaging that somehow offers a promise of fun and tasty excitement; the reality is that the foods… Continue Reading →

The Doctor’s In…Let’s Talk about Supporting the Body during Fever

Now that we understand that Fever is an indication that the body is doing more than its normal internal work, and that the predominant reason for the normal internal work of the body to increase and accelerate is infection, there is really just one question to ask, “ How can we best support the body during Fever, and therefore… Continue Reading →

Filberts, A little bit Nutty…like me!

I’m not sure what it is, but today I am definitely feeling a little bit nutty. And that reminds me of my friend…the humble little Filbert or Hazelnut. When I moved to Oregon, from the “Fruit Bowl” of Yakima, I was given the gift of seeing these magnificent little nuts growing. And many was the fall… Continue Reading →

Walnuts…a little Brain in a shell!

I have always found the structure of walnuts to be so fascinating and fun. I often reflect on the Doctrine of Signatures”, an age-old concept that states that herbs and plants that resemble certain body parts, have benefit to those very parts.  In fact, botanist William Coles(1626–1662) supposed that God had made ‘Herbes for the use of… Continue Reading →

Cookin’ up some Quinoa…Easy!!

Quinoa is a nutrient-rich, gluten-free grain & once you understand how to easy it is to prepare, using it as a base of many wonderful dishes is a breeze. Quinoa is often called the healthiest food. For starters it is packed with protein; carrying all of the essential amino acids; is a low glycemic grain &… Continue Reading →