A Commitment to YOU!

Each Friday I will post the new “Path to Peace”, inviting you to enter into this profound experience of deepening your connection to Universal Intelligence, Divine Mother and YOU!

” All this universe has the Supreme Deity for its life. That Deity is Truth. He is the Universal Soul.” Chhandogys Upanishad

The Truth be told

The Universe is a mystical display

A story of creation 

In each and every day 

The Truth be told

All life is grand, with nothing out of place

Each opening bud, each buzzing bee

Announces perfect grace

The Truth be told

We chose to come and weave our story in

Enthusiasm pulls us

The time is Now, begin

The Truth be told

We’re wonderful, we’re love right to our core

Magnificence in motion

Unique forever more

The Truth be told

The Source of All, the Universal Soul

Is Truth wrapped in a heart of Love

Embodied, ever-Whole

 It Is So and So It Is

 So Be It

Peace & Blessings, Dr. Patricia

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