Seven Paths to Peace-Week I – All is Well!

Week I – All is Well!


These three simple words are the foundation of your Life. Establishing this first & foremost provides the basis from which all of life rises. In all ways, in all circumstances, situations & events, no matter what the appearance, All is Well!


Life is founded on an underlying Order. Universes & Galaxies are being birthed & the miracle of life is unfolding in an orderly & ongoing dance.

While humans have at times interfered with & disturbed some rhythms, still All is Well; for these occurrences, situations & incidences are truly opportunities to remember the underlying order & our role in holding, establishing, maintaining, reflecting, magnifying & multiplying this order.

You do not tell your lungs to fill with oxygen. You do not instruct your heart to beat. You wake each day and this order is manifest.  It is, in fact, the very center of your being.

In this moment you can choose to become a more willing & available participant in your Life. You can choose to practice the Truth first & foremost. To live the Truth in your thoughts, your words, & your actions. Day by day, moment by moment, you can choose to participate in the natural rhythm of your life, of all of life.

Forget the stories. They will try to get your attention & convince you otherwise; “Listen to what they said about me”, “See how unfairly I have been treated”, “Look at what atrocities they have committed”, & on & on. However these situations & instances are your opportunities to practice the truth, that  All is Well!

Practice: Anchoring Breath

 Upon awakening, take three long, deep breaths in & out. Allow your thinking mind to settle on the words, All is Well, during this time. Continue to breathe deep & slow as you rise from bed. If your thoughts wander or begin to project forward into your day, take another breath & return to the thought, All is Well!

 Once you have taken care of your initial daily needs, pause in the quiet of your room, or outside in the fresh air & extend your arms in front of your chest. As you draw your hands in to touch your heart, draw in a long, deep breath through your nose.

Now slowly extend your hands & arms back out from your heart as you exhale through your mouth, making the sound, ah-h-h.

Once again draw the hands to your heart as you inhale through your nose. Exhale as you extend your hands out again, releasing ah-h-h through your mouth.

Repeat this at least seven times, feeling your breath fully oxygenating your entire cellular make-up. On your next inhale, pause & allow yourself to feel this space of “no breath”.

Having fully charged your cells with oxygen, you are in the “breathless” state. Not holding your breath, just pausing in this breathless place. Notice the exhilarating tingling in your fingers & toes. When you feel ready, gently exhale through your mouth, releasing the sound of ah-h-h. Again pause at the completion of your exhale to again enjoy the breathless state. When you feel the natural return of breath you may repeat the cycle again, always completing the circle of breath with, All is Well!

Now you may begin your daily activities.

During the course of the day, if you begin to feel rushed, or irritation, frustration or any other emotion begins to take you from your anchored state of All is Well,use this breath to re-anchor & find your center of Truth.


All of Life is for me!

Good appears on every hand!

Love offers itself up to me and I accept it, knowing that Heaven is right here, right now!

My senses are alive to this truth and I rest in Peace! 

All is Well!

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