The Rhythms of life…Creating a Harmonious Flow

The Rhythms of Life….Creating a Harmonious Flow through Breath

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Connecting to the Rhythm

Creating a harmonious flow for your day will be the anchor for living the life of your dreams. The Universe moves with a rhythym, & when we align with that, we join forces with this natural flow.  We learn to listen & allow out innate wisdom to guide us, trusting that like day following night…there is an ever-Present underlying directive force at work.

I encourage you to take the following suggestions, & insert them into your daily rhythm. These Self-Love and Harmonizing Practices, will fortify & maintain balance in your day. To sustain YOU, & bring greater Peace into each day.

Like a Garden, with the infusion of rich & meaningful nutrients, abundant water, plenty of sunlight & fresh air; the plants will grow & thrive. Gently removing the unnecessary, entangling weeds & pests…until all that remains is Beauty & Life abundant.

Healing Practices:

I. Belly Breathing: All Breaths taken in the following Practices are to be deep, slow Belly Breaths, allowing your abdomen to rise & fall as you breathe deep into your Belly. This automatically triggers your

  • Parasympathetic Nervous System to relax & calm your beta brain waves into an Alpha state of relaxation.
    • Smiling automatically release Oxytocin, the feel good Hormone.
  • Morning: Wake gently & Belly Breathe into the day: While still in the “waking state” of Alpha brain waves, slowly begin Breathing deep into the Belly. Move this deep Belly Breath through your body, from over head, down through the length of your body & out your feet. Then Belly breathe back up from below your feet, up the length of your body & out the top of your head. 

Pause & take 3 full Belly Breaths, smiling & FEELing your body come awake.

  • Full body Muscle squeeze: Follow the Belly Breaths with a gradual squeezing of all the muscles of your body, beginning with your toes & feet & moving up your body on your inhalation, until all muscles are contracted. Hold & internally say ” Wake up my children! A Wonderful day is awaiting us!” 

Then release all of the muscles at once & take another Belly Breath.  

Repeat 2-3 times.

The Rhythm of JOY….

Still LOVING her Hammock at 4!!

Join forces with the Rhythm of the Universe and FLOW…Naturally!

Peace & Blessings, Dr. Patricia

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