Your Weekly Inspiration: Begin Again

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“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again.” Rumi

Thousands of grains of sand upon

Thousands of ocean shores

Thousands of castles built and washed

Thousands of open doors

Thousands of feet that walk the earth

Thousands of hands that hold

Thousands of eyes that meet and see

Thousands of gifts unfold

Thousands of hearts that open wide

Thousands of smiles that shine

Thousands of breaths that animate

Thousands in One align

This is the time we waited for

We are the Ones that came

This the Moment to give our gifts

Magnificence ours to claim

Beyond the veils, Reality Is

Never was it not there

Waiting for us to reCognize

Waking, become Aware

The passage of time is relative

The darkness, with Light disappears

Carry your torch into the night

In Light’s Love dissolve your fears

Thousands of ways to travel home

Journeys that take you within

Thousands of ways to kiss the ground

Each one requires “Begin”

A New Year is the perfect time to remember that Reality is flexible and that our perceptions of Reality are seated in our minds, which are equally pliable and flexible.  Our thoughts direct our perceptions, and so we can see that learning to take dominion over our thoughts, is key our moment-to-moment opportunity to Begin Again.

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